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practical creative
Community expert
enterprise builder

focus areas

as an entrepreneur, i've had to wear nearly every hat

Why are we here?

  • Concept Innovation

  • Project capitalization

  • Ground-up development

  • Financial modeling

  • Legal + compliance

  • Community-building

  • Asset Management

real estate

What are we building?

  • Brand & Enterprise Strategy

  • Customer Development

  • Validated Learning

  • Product Management

  • Brand Development

  • Creative Activation

  • Idea Generation

product &

How do we build it?

  • Legal structures + hygiene

  • Board Meetings + Process

  • Enterprise Fundraising

  • Forecasts + Models

  • Productivity + PM systems

  • Hiring, Team & Culture

  • Marketing Implementation

Operations &


I take on a limited number of consulting clients each year, usually to play "cofounder as a service." I help fellow executives and founders with multi-faceted projects that involve broad expertise from someone who can hit the ground running with minimal hand-holding.

I select clients based on whether I can genuinely help them. 

That said, I love meeting new people and would be happy to discuss your project, so feel free to ping me via the contact form below.

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