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I'll be displaying selected pieces from the past year for a very limited time.

September 14th, 2023

6:00 - 9:30 pm

440 Haight Street

San Francisco, CA

Additional showings on September 12th + 13th available by request.

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I bought a second car 4 days ago, listed both cars on Turo 48 hours ago and already have $683 in bookings!

In this video:
  • How I scraped data from Turo to decide which cars do best

  • What car I bought, cost, financing terms, etc.

  • My real booking performance and how I got traction quickly

  • My financial analysis, projections, and rationale for the project

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Interested in hearing the story of starting and growing the longest-running coliving company in the US?

  • How we scaled from one communal house in Berkeley to 400 units across three states.

  • How we financed properties and the company.

  • War stories of difficult situations.

  • Why we ultimately sold our properties and wound up the company.

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