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Infrastructure for shared ownership

Collaborative Advantage as Competitive Advantage

Most people associate evolution with "survival of the fittest," but actually symbiosis is the dominant pattern in nature. Collaboration drives more success than hardcore individualistic competition. How can organizations in the economy build collaborative advantage much like how organisms in nature build group resilience?

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Researching Infrastructure for Win-Wins

For the past few months, I've been working on a symbiotic economics research project in conjunction with three groups: Purpose Foundation, OneProject and Common Trust.

The project actually has a broader scope than shared ownership-- we are also interested in ways of doing business that weave multiple firms together toward shared prosperity. In particular, we are interested in a "collaboration infrastructure layer" that sits between business and government.

Business is mostly concerned with starting and operating individual firms, and managing for the financial outcome of that one company. Government is mostly focused on regulating business for safety and fairness, but isn't very good at stewarding the economy to avoid major recessions or ensure most citizens actually get a fair shake. Civil society tries to fill in the gaps that government misses, with private funding.

So our research focuses on an infrastructure layer for managing relationship within the economy; almost like a civil society for the business community.

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A quick peek at some of our topics:

  • Continuous Liquidity Mechanisms

  • Balance Sheet Aggregation

  • Stakeholder Holding Companies

  • Financial Products for Employee Buyouts

  • Pooled Credit Networks

  • Deep Trust + Relationship Capital

  • Mutual Exchange Networks

  • Private Collaboration Networks

  • Retail Investment + Secondary Markets

Uhhh, could you give me an example of that?

A great example of Private Collaboration Networks is a shared services cooperative. Instead of hiring a 3rd party vendor to run HR or bookkeeping, multiple small companies pool together and start an HR & bookkeeping service that they time-share, at cost. This ensure the service is totally focused and designed for their exact needs, and they get quality, affordable outcomes.

What's Next?

We're about halfway through our research- we've done the initial legwork, and now we're starting to make sense of what we've found. We'll be sharing more of our learnings soon, both in incremental posts and a final glossy report. We're extra keen on very actionable opportunities that don't require tons of philanthropic capital or major government policy changes.

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2 Kommentare

Johan Arenas
Johan Arenas
08. Dez. 2023

I think a shared tech platform that decentralizes logistics and disrupts an Outdated supply chain can be a solution for collaboration amongst smaller participants of an economy, eventually those participants become larger and replace the current individualistic companies, then the cycle begins again but with new information bringing evolution to the economy, symbiosis requires communication, communication is key for survival and technology is a great tool for communication.

Gefällt mir

Love this idea Jay. I’d personally love for our company to be part of a captive health insurance program that prioritizes genuine health and wellbeing and didn’t suck like all the options available through the insurance marketplace.

Gefällt mir
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